Below are a few items the museum would like to acquire for its collections. Please note that the museum collects other items besides those on this list. If you would like to donate something on this list, or you have other material that you feel is significant to the region’s history, please see our Donation FAQ page and call the museum at (956) 383-6911 for an appointment. Visit this page again for future additions to the wish list!

Food, drink, and cooking distinctive to South Texas and northeastern Mexico.

The items do not have to be old, but they should be used. While many of these items could be purchased new, the museum would like to acquire items that have been used in South Texas and northeastern Mexico, so that the names and stories of those who used them could be added to the reference files.

      • Home-made disco for tripas
      • Dutch oven used for pan de campo
      • Cleaning brush for molcajetes
      • Spoon or spreader used for tamale masa
      • Tortilla warmer
      • Salsa bowls
      • Fajita skillet
      • Fish fillet knife
      • Shrimp deveiner
      • Spit, skewer, or other equipment for cooking cabrito
      • Hand-held citrus squeezer (not table-top juicers)
      • Cookie cutters for pan de polvo, hojarascas, maranitos, conchas, or other pan dulce
      • Cans, jars, bottles, packages, labels, or documents and photos relating to food, drink, or produce made, packaged, or shipped from the region, including fruits, vegetables, shrimp, Maseca / Azteca milling products from Edinburg or Cerralvo, Monterrey beers
      • Photographs of meals, food, or food production at home, events, or businesses from the region (e.g. picture of a family meal, a tamalada, making barbacoa, a cook-off, a landmark restaurant)
      • Menus from restaurants serving regional food
      • Ribbons, certificates, or photographs from regional cook-offs (pan de campo, fajitas)

Other ideas are welcome! Call the museum first to make sure the item hasn’t already been acquired: 956-383-6911.

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