Covid-19 Memories

As the keepers of the Rio Grande Valley’s collective memory, we are gathering the ┬ácommunity’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic. We are asking you for your experiences. Tell us your story in the form of journals, diaries, blog entries, and/or photographs. We want to record a complete picture of what happened, the reactions and resiliency of the RGV and to do that, we need your help.

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Lisa Adam during the Covid-19 pandemic

Lisa Adam sent us a few photographs on her new life during shelter in place.

In the photograph on the left, she tell us that she’s “making masks with scrap fabric.”

Cupboard Staples

Lisa Adam reports: “I am stocking my cupboard with more beans, rice, and canned soups than it has ever had.”

Toilet paper is toilet paper, right?

Even during the toilet paper crisis, she is looking optimistic.

“Being grateful for what I can get, including smallest toilet paper rolls ever,” Lisa Adam said.

Doing a hobby.

Lisa Adam loves to plant and grow native Rio Grande Valley plants in her yard.

Currently she is “growing cuttings and seedlings for [her] native plant garden.”

What about you?

Send us photographs and videos during your shelter in place!

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