By Kelly Francis-Love, the archivist at MOSTHistory

Old Guerrero

Guerrero was a very important town along the Texas-Mexico border during its peak time in the late 1800s and early 1900s. When Falcon Lake was built to provide a steady supply of water to both countries, engineers knew that two towns along the border would be flooded by the rising waters of the lake. The town of Guerrero in Mexico, and the town of Zapata in Texas, would need to be moved. In 1953 Guerrero was evacuated and its residents were moved to higher ground where the new town of Nuevo Guerrero now stands, 13 miles to the south. Zapata, on the Texas side, was also moved to a new location. Guerrero Viejo (“Old Guerrero”) was flooded and the once vibrant town and its 250 year history now only exists in memory. In summer of 2018 the Museum of South Texas History received a donation that helped bring the memory of this town to light. The donor was a man that had lived in Guerrero Viejo during the early 1950s. With the help of other past residents, he was able to bring the town to life again in a map that shows residences and businesses from 1950-1953.