Hispanic Heritage Month Acquisitions

Here in South Texas, agriculture has played a huge role in shaping history. Today, Texas leads the nation in cotton produce; it has more farms than any other state, and sales of agricultural products account for $500 million annually. This year, for Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15-Oct. 15), the Museum of South Texas History will feature a display of materials related to the migrant farm workers that play a significant role in agriculture.

The museum already has materials from migrant workers in their collection, but is asking the public to consider donating more. This includes items from past or current farm workers who have a connection to South Texas. The types of items the museum is looking for include, but are not limited to:

  • Farm tools, equipment, or containers such as baskets, sacks, water jugs, etc.
  • Work clothing in any condition
  • Photos
  • Items that traveled with workers or families such as suitcases, document folders, cooking implements, medicine, personal items, household objects, etc.
  • Travel-related items such as maps with marked routes, license plates, travel documents, etc.
  • Employment documents such as pay stubs or contracts
  • Report cards or other documents pertaining to migrant education in any state
  • Diaries, postcards, or letters that mention migrant work or locations
  • Material pertaining to strikes or labor organization
  • Material related to migrant worker health or injuries
  • Material relating to migrant workers from teachers, employers, health care professionals, or others

Anyone interested in making a donation should contact museum Archivist Kelly Francis-Love at 956-383-6911 or kfrancis-love@mosthistory.org.