Meet the MOSTHistory Puppets!

•  A.K. – The young boy   •  Hermosa – A horse brought from Spain   •  José de Escandón – A Spanish explorer and settler
•  Maiden – A Coahuiltecan Indian  •  Ginny – The cotton gin   •  Fulton – The steamboat   •  Tex Hardy – The longhorn cow
•  Chuck – The chuck wagon   •  Chalmers – The tractor   •  Lizzie – The Model-T   •  Lionel – The train

Fall 2017 Dates

To Be Announced

MOSTHistory Puppet Theater is sponsored by

Hochheim Prairie Insurance Company

Puppet Show Summaries:

  • “Sweet Dreams of the River Frontier” tells the story of a young boy named A.K.who dreads a “boring” field trip to the museum. The characters of Jose de Escandon, Hermosa the horse, and Indian Maiden come to the boy in his dreams to convince him that he will have a wonderful visit and learn about the history of the area.
  • “A Place Called Home” focuses on artifacts in the River Highway exhibit. The characters are Ginny, the cotton gin; Fulton, the steamboat; Tex Hardy, the longhorn cow; and Chuck the chuck wagon. The characters welcome the newest artifact, Ginny, to their museum home and tell her how special it is to teach history to all the people visiting the exhibits.
  • “I Used to Be a Star” is based on the River Crossroads area of the museum. The characters Chalmers, the tractor; Lizzie, the Model-T; and Lionel the train tell the story of becoming obsolete and then regaining star status by joining the museum exhibits.

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