Roel Florez collection now available on Animal Crossing

The Museum of South Texas History in partnership with Texas Folklife, which curated the Florez collection, will exhibit the paintings when the museum reopens in late 2020.

Roel Florez, a Valley resident, has painted more than 500 scenes of farm and migrant labor life. His paintings are intimately linked with “la labor,” the experience of traveling and working with planting and harvesting cycles. He also incorporates the importance music to those who harvested the fields in his art.

As a sneak peek, Animal Crossing players can now display his paintings in their virtual island. The first step is to save the following QR codes and images to your phone’s photo library (see below).

After you have saved all the codes to your photo library, follow the remaining instructions:

Download Nintendo Switch Online app, which is needed to scan the QR codes to add onto your design selection. 

After you’ve downloaded the app and signed in with your Nintendo online account, you will open the Animal Crossing NH app on the menu.

Once that is open, click the “Designs” tab.

When you open the “Designs” tab, you will tap on “Scan from a saved image” to upload your code saved onto your gallery.

After tapping “Scan from a saved image” button, the screen on the left will appear. Tap on “Select a saved image.”

Your photo library will appear. Select the code you wish to use. 

Make sure to click “Save” then you will see your code on the screen. From this point on, you will be navigating on your Nintendo Switch.

Once you have saved your code, you will see a similar screen that is shown here.

The following instructions are for Nintendo Switch:

Open the “Custom Designs” app on your Animal Crossing phone. Choose an empty tile to add your new design. Then press [+] to download your code that is scanned onto your Nintendo Online App.

Download your scan.

Save it onto your empty tile or choose to replace an older one.

Overwrite to save your code design.

Click on new design to display.

Choose to display it as “painting” and, voila, it’s ready to view!

In partnership with Texas Folklife located in Austin, Texas.

Special thanks to museum communications specialist Tony Peña and archival assistant Luna Galvan for contributing to this project.