Legacy of the Land

With the addition of the Will Looney Legacy Park, the Museum campus has been expanded and its beauty greatly enhanced. The centerpiece of the Park is a sculpture commissioned from an award-winning Western artist, Deborah Copenhaver Fellows, and depicts Margaret Montgomery Looney handing to her grandson, Will Looney, a rolled document symbolizing the passing of legacy from one generation to another.

Expanding on the theme of the sculpture, an interactive, educational experience entitled, Legacy of the Land, has been proposed.

An interactive experience to help visitors understand how the people and animals of South Texas have adapted to their environment over the centuries, leaving the visitor with a deeper respect for the environment and the people who came before them.


  1. Temperature; shade vs sun
  2. Sundial
  3. Plants that grow in the hot sun; drying plants in the sun


  1. Pila & windmill
  2. Hand pump for water
  3. Irrigation from the Rio Grande

Sources & Uses of Food

  1. Corn grinding station
  2. Animals & Birds (tracks in the walkway)
  3. Gourd Garden (uses of gourds as containers)
  4. Other Plants (edible & medicinal)

Human Legacy

  1. Sculpture
  2. Dig Pit for archaeology
  3. Sharing of stories under a shed