Rules for Exhibit Areas

  1. Display objects are meant to gather information and not for hands-on experience.
  2. Food, gum, or drinks are not allowed in the exhibit areas.
  3. For your safety, please avoid running or horseplay in the museum facility and exhibits
  4. Adult supervision is required for all group functions.

Rules for the Store

Students that did not bring money or do not wish to go into the store should be encouraged to participate in the saddle activity in the waiting area in front of the store. Allow no more than 10 students with money to go into the store at a time.

  1. Students can find items priced for children in the right side of the store.
  2. Please advise students if they have any questions about prices of the items they wish to buy.
  3. Students will be allowed to go through the purchase line only once, so they should know which items to purchase before they get to the register.
  4. The adult accompanying the group must be attentive to the students.

Rules for the Courtyard

  1. All students should be engaged and paying attention to the person that is leading the tour.
  2. Teachers and students should observe plants, buildings, and bricks which contain names of families and ranch brands of South Texas.
  3. Please keep tidy and throw away trash in bins.
  4. Students must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult.




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