Donating to the Museum of South Texas History
Thank you for your interest in donating historical material to the museum collection and the archive at the museum.  Every year we receive new donations through the generosity of individuals, families, and organizations.  These donations help us preserve and present a more complete story of the region.

What does the museum collect?
The museum thoughtfully evaluates every offer based on several criteria:

  • The material represents the distinctive borderland heritage of South Texas or Northeastern Mexico
  • The history or origin of the material can be established.
  • The material is in sound condition with few modern alteration
  • The museum does not already own similar or identical material.
  • The museum is able to properly store and care for the material.

How can I donate something to the museum?
Please contact our curator of collections or archivist and tell us more about the material you would like to donate. If the material is accepted, you will be asked to complete paperwork to document your donation.

Kelly Francis-Love, archivist
956.383.6911 or e-mail us today

What does the museum do with donations?
The museum collects for many different purposes.

  • It professionally preserves material for future generations.
  • It presents donations in current or future exhibits but may not always be on display.
  • It makes material available for research or for loan to other qualified institutions.
  • It uses some material for hands-on education or demonstrations.

All donations are become outright and unconditional contributions to the museum.

Can the museum tell me what something is worth?
The museum cannot make appraisals (state the value) of material for the public.  Libraries carry antique price guides that can help you find an estimated value. Completed sale prices for similar items can also be found on online. If you wish to have material appraised for a fee, you can find an appraiser through one of these organizations:

International Society of Appraisers

American Society of Appraisers

Appraisers Association of America

Thank you for considering the Museum of South Texas History as a potential home for your historical material.




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